Chord Suggestor 0.9 Beta Free download

Chord Suggestor 0.9 Beta

  • Publisher:Chord Suggestor Team
  • Version:0.9 Beta
  • Operation System:Mac OS X
  • License:GPL
  • File Size:899 KB

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Chord Suggestor 0.9 BetaDescription

Program that finds chord progressions for any given MIDI melody
Chord Suggestor is a free and open source program designed to find chord progressions for any given melody in MIDI format and save them. Requirements:
· Java
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Record (from MIDI only)
· Full Process
· Options Details
· Record Design
· Allows MIDI to be recorded after pressing an midi voice button on the MIDI device to toggle recording
· Issues:Current bug in the software may cause sound card to stop responding
· Note rounding may produce odd results
· Full Process Design
· Allows for configurable proccesing of chord suggestions Issues
· No messages for too many or no solutions
· Quick stave refresh with no chords No solution
· Program delay and stave refresh Too Many solutions

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